Martial Arts schools often get so focused on their students that they forget who makes it possible for those students to be there.

With Mother's day around the corner it made us realise how important and special moms are - (sorry Dads, but we'll rain check on 17 June).

Raising kids is hard work already, and then these moms are also committed to their children's martial arts? Super Moms I tell you!

As part of our member appreciation week we thought we'd play a game in the academy during one of our classes!

During our Junior Warriors Class, we asked each mom to fill in a secret questionnaire about themselves.

Then as part of a cool quiz master game, the kiddies would try and answer these questions as best they can, creating a some fun parent child bonding moments!

The kids sometimes forget that it's not always about them, and this special event helped them realise there's a lot more to mom than they knew!

We literally sweetened the outcome with ROLO filled dynamite sticks for each Mom! Yummy!!

Happy Mother's day to all our moms!

The Iron Grip team